Automated image point-count to ordination

This is a draft bit of code to allows the user to take .csv files that commonly come from image analysis programs, combine them together into a data.frame in R, wrangle the rows and columns into the required format for ordination analysis. This code will also allow for csv files with uneven columns. Note: This […]


Coral Spawning 2019

After conducting coral spawning experiments since 2013 in wet-labs – a total of 13 coral spawning events – I finally had the opportunity to see it for the first time in the wild. The chance of seeing spawning was uncertain, as water temperatures for the time of year were unseasonably low, and we had heard very few […]

Suspended sediments can ballast coral egg-sperm bundles

This text originally appeared in the Annual 2016 Australian Coral Reef Society Newsletter From the paper: Ricardo, G. F., Negri, A. P., Jones, R. J. & Stocker, R. That sinking feeling: Suspended sediments can prevent the ascent of coral egg bundles. Scientific Reports 6, 21567 (2016). doi:10.1038/srep21567 Inshore reefs are regularly exposed to elevated concentrations […]

Sediments stick and sink coral sperm

Ricardo, G. F., Jones, R. J., Clode, P. L., Humanes, A. & Negri, A. P. Suspended sediments limit coral sperm availability. Scientific Reports (2015). I began my PhD in 2013 with my research project examining how dredge sediments might impact coral spawning and early developmental stages of corals. Generally, the research project was divided into three […]

Masters by Research

Masters by Research – University of Wollongong Meroplankton larval release and supply in temperate saltmarsh and mangrove habitats I decided while overseas that I wanted to try my hand at research. At this stage I’d hoped to keep my career options open between terrestrial science and marine science – so I chose a happy medium […]